[s-cars] New rides, all the choices Mr Bill.. ..& Paging Mr. Armstead

Postupack, Jeff Jeff.Postupack at analog.com
Thu Oct 18 13:34:50 PDT 2007

Back at Der Fest.. Of 07, I kinda of stumped Bill Mahoney when viewing
his S6 Avant, asked him.
"So Bill, what would you ever choose to replace this?"

To which Bill looking mighty puzzled, answered "Well , I don't really
know, yet."

On top of DAT!  I came to know that Brian Armstead is driving a few
choice Audi gems done in Wash DC.

Like the  r8, S5 and RS4 cab?? Now an R8 in Phantom Black? Oooohh.. 

Brian, pray tell us about all that..

Jeff Posto 

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