[s-cars] //S8 mod - PROJECT: add power / remove weight / install 4spd

pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Fri Oct 19 08:40:33 PDT 2007

It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it.  Yours wasn't as funny
though - Scott S. called me a d*ck...  I was dying.


Loonieness?  Here?  Moi???  NEVAH!  Just another day in the life,
really.  Sad, true.  But again I got issues deeply rooted issues.  We're
here, Peter, come on down (says...  er...  Drew Carey???).

LOONIENESS is the gtg shaping up in NYC Tues. night.  Saltino's in NJ
for work, I'm in NYC for clients, just got word Super Keith is in NYC
for work, Rossato threatens to join us, working on Pastore, Pizzo's in,
I just dared Baloney to visit his NJ office for the evening.  Talk about
muwhaahahaha, pardon - all just sorta happened.

-Paul puts the suck in suck K.


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I may have said this before, but to be clear I'll say it again..

I _HATE_ YOU. <joking> ;-)

Now I feel better.

I just need to get down to CT sometime to take part in this looniness...


At 10:31 AM 10/19/2007 -0400, pkrasusky at ups.com wrote:

>Man oh man did I do it this time.  D'oh.  Couldn't pass up freak
>opportunity, and the //S8 was just crying for these mods yeah - see all
>you's kept on saying no //S8 no Chictronic no Autotragic blahblahblah,
>ssssssssssoooo there was rightfully only one logical thing to do - make
>it lighter and install a 4spd:
>Muwhahahahahaa, pardon...
>http://forums.audiworld.com/a8/msgs/147476.phtml (beware Tom G.! 8-))
>What did I do what did I do what did I do WTF did I do.  Ah well, only
>live once.  Grey or blue woulda been better but who looks gift horsies
>in their mouth???
>In popping this cherry I did NOT get to pop me RS6 cherry - gave it a
>thorough finger banging tho (Ron hopefully you see now why you couldn't
>join me):
>MAN that thing is NOOOOOOOOOOOICE.  Some day.  For now, I'll rowrowrow
>my long legged long throw'ed 4spd boat.
>Back to your irregularly unscheduled deprogramming.
>-Paul Carpe Diem K.
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