[s-cars] //S8 mod - PROJECT: add power / remove weight / install 4spd

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Fri Oct 19 10:45:20 PDT 2007

What I want to know is what Jen got in return. Showing up in a 
boring silver sedan is one thing, in a red hot Porsche is 

"But honey, it was a routine maintence item..." only goes so far!



On Fri Oct 19 10:38:03 PDT 2007, Taka Mizutani 
<t44tqtro at gmail.com> wrote:

> Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!!!
> Congrats, Paul!
> Congrats on getting a P-car. I guess now you better join PCA and 
> take the
> red bomber to the track. :-)
> I looooove those cars, we need driving impressions, big time.
> Get one of your partners in crime to recreate that famous Porsche 
> ad, where
> the 930 is airborne, shot from a very low
> angle from behind, makes the car look like it's 5 feet in the air 
> and all 4
> wheels are hanging down under those lovely fenders.
> Nice score on getting one w/ sport seats- rare option, I think.
> I hope you hook up with one of the good tuners for that car- 
> bigger turbo
> isn't necessarily better with them, considering you're already 
> starting with
> a K27.
> Can we get a gratuitous rear quarter shot with the fenders and 
> those wide
> Fuchs with massive lip?
> Taka
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