[s-cars] BDAZE!!!!!

paul at sfest.us paul at sfest.us
Fri Oct 19 17:45:01 PDT 2007

Domo Oregato, Mr. Blobatto!!!  Happy frickin' bday BISSSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!  Forty
frickin' SEVEN -  ***DAMN THAT'S OLD***, like a day older than dirt.

What are friends for, right?

Well, aging means you're around to do such - sure beats the alternative!  My
gift to you will be you can fix a few things on the 930 for me.  See, I
informed Bob I got this in code before I got it by telling him to run out and
buy a Bentley 930 manual, to which he retored... what, I wanted him to find a
6spd Bentley something or other? - classic Bob.

Er uh um, wait - damn - guess you skirt that one, I don't think (KNOCK WOOD) it
needs anything.  Yet.  Ssssssssso happy bday to you biatch, come on over for
some WOT time yeah.  Just no dry culdesac donut endeavors like the 2nd night I
had the //S8 oooops.  Whattapal, whattapal.  So, basically, come drive it, then
you can fix whatever you bust up afterward.


Happy Bday Tom!!!  43 is a HECK of a lot better than 47...  least you're not

Happy Bday ladies!  8-)

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