[s-cars] Drastic Power Loss-So far No Joy

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Sat Oct 20 08:54:22 PDT 2007

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> Still hunting for whatever is causing my drastic cut off of power  
> near peak boost. This happens with my MRC RS2 software in my ECU as  
> well as with a bone stock ECU. So with my RS2 ECU I hit the wall at  
> about 26-27 psi, when the Stock ECU is installed (with the stock  
> injectors) I hit the wall at about 13-14 psi.

I haven't seen anyone recommend POS, Spark plugs and Coil check. This is the 
first place to look.

A failing POS could exhibit these type of issues. If you are loosing power 
under full throttle (compared to 90%) this is indicative of spark plugs and or a 
coil starting to fail.

27 PSI is a lot of boost ... if you don't have this area working perfectly 
the car will have constant issues.

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