[s-cars] Drastic Power Loss-So far No Joy-Update

Manuel Sanchez manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Sat Oct 20 10:10:12 PDT 2007


Thanks for the suggestions.

At the time, I had done away with the POS's, as I was running a new  
034 EFI DIS Coil system. That system had been on the car for about 2  
months before exhibiting this problem.  At the time of the coil swap  
I had installed new plugs. I've checked the plugs and they look good,  
no cracks that I can see at least and the tip looks good (light grey).

I received my new OEM N75 WGFV and installed it. I still had the  
drastic power cut-off. We tested the new N75 WGFV, both with my  
original MAF and a brand new RS2 MAF, same  result. We checked for  
fuel pressure at the point of cut off, and it still seemed to be OK,  
in other words high.

Going back  to some basics, we found what I hope is part of the  
problem, I had a nick in one of the ignition wires. Maybe it was  
grounding out or something. I haven't reported back to the list yet,  
as I just received some replacement parts from 034.

When I switched 2 my "old" OEM ignition system (1 year old coils,  
with about 7,000 miles of use but original as far as I know POS's  
(125,000 miles), the boat anchor problem went away. So I no longer  
had the drastic power loss/cut off, but the car didn't feel as fast  
as it used to be. I was doing some testing, WOT pulls with my OEM  
system when all of a sudden I lost a cylinder. Turns out one of my  
POS's lost a channel.

Today I'm going to shorten the looong replacement wires from 034 and  
give it another go.

I hope to report back with good news soon. Exactly 4 weeks until my  
next track event.


On Oct 20, 2007, at 11:54 AM, FvAMI at aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 9/21/07 5:41:23 PM Pacific Daylight Time,  
> manuelsanchez at starpower.net writes:
>> Still hunting for whatever is causing my drastic cut off of power
>> near peak boost. This happens with my MRC RS2 software in my ECU as
>> well as with a bone stock ECU. So with my RS2 ECU I hit the wall at
>> about 26-27 psi, when the Stock ECU is installed (with the stock
>> injectors) I hit the wall at about 13-14 psi.
> I haven't seen anyone recommend POS, Spark plugs and Coil check.  
> This is the first place to look.
> A failing POS could exhibit these type of issues. If you are  
> loosing power under full throttle (compared to 90%) this is  
> indicative of spark plugs and or a coil starting to fail.
> 27 PSI is a lot of boost ... if you don't have this area working  
> perfectly the car will have constant issues.
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> Feico van der Laan
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