[s-cars] AAN won't idle

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MAF or ISV?  Does the car seem rich or lean when it is trying to idle? Does
it do it worse when it is cold or warm....if it is worse warm, possibly an
O2 sensor.

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I figure this is fair game since Paul is flaunting his recent acquisition
of an upside-down bathtub with the same number if gears as a 1970

My AAN powered Coupe Quattro (see S-fest '07 pictures near the shitter for
CQ examples) has taken to not idling.  Runs good at speed, just no idle.

It will barely chug sometimes but mostly shuts down.  It is acting just
like a vacuum leak but I have yet to find one.  Any other ideas?

I just replaced the bomb.  Could I have disturbed something down there?

Dave "bomb man" Kase
cleaning up glass after my CQ passenger door window EXPLODED while trying
to install it on a new window regulator...

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