[s-cars] climate control woes

Matt Russell skippertgore at msn.com
Mon Oct 22 08:43:19 PDT 2007

hey y'all-

first - congrats Paul K on the p-car! jealousy my way across 2000 miles 
at you...8-)  My day will come *sigh*...

second - I'm having issues with heat - with Auto selected, no matter 
how warm Temp gauge says the car is (on it's way up to, or operating 
temp) fan is only max 3 to 4 lines in operation..... Anotherwords, if 
the car is 40 degrees, the Auto setting produces heat as if the climate 
control is trying to heat up the interior, but at a fan speed that 
won't rise above 3 or 4 lines.

overriding the fan setting (manually) and increasing it will produce 
more heat and seems to operate as it should.

MFTS was replaced 6 months ago along with T-stat.

Now, channel 1 in the CC shows no codes, but channel 51 doesn't show 
any temperature greater than 50-54 degrees, even when car is fully 
warmed up.  This sounds like a direction to head in, but where to start 

last - Does anyone know what happened to the complete list of codes 
that used to be at the 12v.org site? i cannot seem to find it, or the 
links i found in the archive search are down...

-Matt, CO
92 s4

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