[s-cars] Subject: climate control woes

Matt Russell skippertgore at msn.com
Mon Oct 22 12:53:24 PDT 2007

Tom - i'm assuming you are referring to cleaning the contacts where the 
climate control plugs into the vehicle?
will do, happen to have a can of DeoxIT in the garage.

will let you know....

would this also explain the 50-54 degree reading on channel 51?


On Monday, October 22, 2007, at 11:11  AM, Tom Winter wrote:

> Matt - I experienced similar problems with mine ('95 S6 Avant), only 
> it got
> flakier and flakier until I purchased a replacement from a car being 
> parted
> out from a lister. Turns out that merely unplugging all the 
> connections,
> cleaning them and then plugging back in fixed all of my problems.. . 
> For
> now.
> I still have the replacement part should anything flare up again (Cheap
> insurance).
> But I'd try cleaning the electrical connections first. That's an easy 
> fix
> and your symptoms sound exactly like mine.
> Tom '95 S6 Avant

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