[s-cars] Coil and POS woes

ron kirkham rkaudifool at gmail.com
Mon Oct 22 13:06:38 PDT 2007


I have been doing the eternal chasing of my tail all summer trying to find
my stumble/miss problems, and I'm fed up.  Going to make the jump to the
aftermarket coil alternatives available.  But which one?  I have heard/read
good things about the Apikol set-up and am leaning that way.  Any input on
others?  What is the preffered coil part number?

At this point, the cost of my hundreds of man-hours far outweigh the cost of
this kit, but I'd be lying if I said price was not an issue.


'93 S4 with 214k and no mods, just a slew of issues.

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