[s-cars] 4 Season Tires -- your input needed

Steve Marinello smarinello at entouch.net
Tue Oct 23 15:41:58 PDT 2007


I have the Pilot A/S's on the S6 avant right now and they have been 
excellent performing tires in the 17" size, as they were on the S6 sedan 
in the 16" size.  The only negative is that they definitely get louder 
and harder as you put mileage on them, and they're not the quietest to 
begin with anyway.  I have the Nero M&S's on the wife's Odyssey van 
(with Acura TL wheels, to get the 17" tires, stock on the Mustang GT).  
I'd have to say about the same for them.  They have more of a rolled 
edge and are not as sharp as the Pilot's on turn-in, but grip as well 
powering around in a 230 HP FWD minivan.  The rears feel glued.  It's 
not an exact comparison, but there it is.  No, the van does not have a 
stock suspension...okay?! 

If I had an unlimited budget, I MIGHT go with the Pilot's again.  For 
the value, though, the Nero's win hands down.  No experience with the 
Proxes 4's.  Had the earlier version and they were okay, but not in the 
class of the other two.

FWIW, I'm about to have a bastard tires set on the avant in the next day 
or so.  Apparently something let go in my left front suspension, or the 
alignment got knocked off real bad, because when I rotated the tires 
over the weekend, the left front was toast; inner edge way down and belt 
separation beginning at the tread edge.  Something I couldn't dodge a 
month or so ago may have done more than I thought.  The car didn't pull, 
so it must have whacked out the toe, or something.  I'm going to put an 
old pair of same size T1S's that have been stashed in the garage for a 
couple of years on the rear and see how funky we can get.

Good luck with whatever your choice is,


Steve Voit wrote:
> Listers:
> I've been running Michelin Pilot XGT V4 and they have been good all around
> tires in this rainy Seattle climate.  I value wet traction, low noise, dry
> handling, and chose VR rated tires for better ride v. the ZR ones.  Don't
> worry much about snow.  I'm considering 3 tires and would like your input:
> a) Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
> b) Pirelli P Zero Nero
> c) Toyo Proxes 4
> >From a rating standpoint I'd probably choose the Pilot A/S based on Tire
> Rack data, but I have reservations on their appearance, preferring the look
> of the other two.
> Any BTDTs?
> Steve V. 95.5 S6 Stock 16" Avus Wheels
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