[s-cars] ABS and brake light on [update]

Harold McComas HaroldMcComas at comcast.net
Wed Oct 24 10:45:24 PDT 2007

Been awhile since I posted about this but thought I would give you all an 
update. I had an intermittant ABS and brake light coming on and eventually 
it was constantly on. S6 braked fine (never checked the ABS function). In 
the course of upgrading to big reds had: bomb replacement, brake and ps 
fluid flush, new brake lines.

Any how, it turned out to be the ABS pump under the hood. Having won a  $200 
gift certificate at  S-fest (east), I let NEA replace it. Ended up costing 
me $440 after using the gift certificate.

Thank you S-fest organizers!

Harold M
Manchester, NH
96 S6 

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