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Wed Oct 24 17:55:20 PDT 2007

Hello Gents,
Just got done with a 1/2 day Audi Driving Experience at Autobahn Country  
Club in Joliet, Illinois.  Briefly, it was a lot of fun for $595.   Great 
instructors and a nice group of people to be paired with.  It  started with a 1/2 
hour talk about vehicle dynamics followed by 3 one-half hour  sessions of ABS 
braking, autocrossing, and lane avoidance  maneuvers.  The vehicles, of course, 
were all Audis, A6s, A3s, a TT,  and an S4.  After that came track time on the 
North course.  We did  lapping in RS4s and R8s.  Although we were "paced" the 
speeds we attained  were quite decent.  The RS4 I drove hit about 105 on the 
front  straight.  It's fun to beat the sh*t out of someone else's car.  I  
couldn't believe how smooth the engine was winding it up to 8,000  rpms.  After 
the RS4 we switched to the R8.  As the other R8 was being  used for "dealer 
education" we were short 1 seat.  I ended up being the  extra so I requested and 
rode with the instructor in an S5 as he paced the  group.  The S5 is a sweet 
car.  It seemed to have even better balance  than the RS4.  After the group had 
their fill with the R8, the instructor  led me thru the course for about 10 
laps, he in the S5 and I solo in an  R8.  The speeds we developed, shall I say, 
got a little higher.  The  R8 was more of a point and squirt than the RS4.  
After the time at the  track we did a timed autocross in a TT.  I came in second 
being beat by  .034 of a second.  All in all a lot of fun and highly 
recommended if you  have the time and money.  This was my birthday present to myself.
Mark near Chicago

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