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Wed Oct 24 18:06:52 PDT 2007

Just registered for it, although there are no dates set yet for my area
(Pocono Motorspeedway).


On 10/24/07, Mtgadbois at aol.com <Mtgadbois at aol.com> wrote:
> Hello Gents,
> Just got done with a 1/2 day Audi Driving Experience at Autobahn Country
> Club in Joliet, Illinois.  Briefly, it was a lot of fun for $595.   Great
> instructors and a nice group of people to be paired with.  It  started
> with a 1/2
> hour talk about vehicle dynamics followed by 3 one-half hour  sessions of
> braking, autocrossing, and lane avoidance  maneuvers.  The vehicles, of
> course,
> were all Audis, A6s, A3s, a TT,  and an S4.  After that came track time on
> the
> North course.  We did  lapping in RS4s and R8s.  Although we were "paced"
> the
> speeds we attained  were quite decent.  The RS4 I drove hit about 105 on
> the
> front  straight.  It's fun to beat the sh*t out of someone else's car.  I
> couldn't believe how smooth the engine was winding it up to
> 8,000  rpms.  After
> the RS4 we switched to the R8.  As the other R8 was being  used for
> "dealer
> education" we were short 1 seat.  I ended up being the  extra so I
> requested and
> rode with the instructor in an S5 as he paced the  group.  The S5 is a
> sweet
> car.  It seemed to have even better balance  than the RS4.  After the
> group had
> their fill with the R8, the instructor  led me thru the course for about
> 10
> laps, he in the S5 and I solo in an  R8.  The speeds we developed, shall I
> say,
> got a little higher.  The  R8 was more of a point and squirt than the RS4.
> After the time at the  track we did a timed autocross in a TT.  I came in
> second
> being beat by  .034 of a second.  All in all a lot of fun and highly
> recommended if you  have the time and money.  This was my birthday present
> to myself.
> Smilingly,
> Mark near Chicago
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