[s-cars] Big Red Knockoffs on Ebay - Junk?

Mike Bishoff mdbishoff at comcast.net
Wed Oct 24 19:44:14 PDT 2007

I've been finally thinking about upgrading the front brakes on my '92S4 and
started poking around ebay for some deals on used big red setups. I noticed
two separate listings that show Porsche 993tt Big Red replicas and was
wondering if anyone has any experience with the knockoffs?


One of the listings shows an unpainted, but what looks like nicely machined
parts and the other listing shows the replicas painted red to emulate the
Big Red look. Neither one of these listings is claiming to be an actual
Porsche Big Red and they state so clearly.


I could only find the listing for the red pair.




I realize that you sometimes get what you pay for, but are these junk? And.
as importantly, are they the same models that can be fitted to a  1992 S4
with the appropriate adapters and rotors?


Your insights appreciated.


Mike in Seattle



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