[s-cars] UrS teardown question

brian hoeft qweblog at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 08:56:23 PDT 2007

as for the trunk latch,, mines a little corroded and sometimes only will
open with a well placed punch of my thumb.

be careful though, its not fun when you miss and catch your nail on the

On 10/25/07, Rob Shydo <rshydo at ithacamechanical.com> wrote:
> I'm in the process of taking everything out of my UrS that _isn't_ a
> racecar in preparation for turning it into an SCCA club racing rig.  Things
> have gone pretty smoothly so far but I'm starting to find parts that I
> cannot identify.
> What is the green module in the pass side footwell that shares a bracket
> with the cruise control module?  Think it says Servotronic on it.  It does
> not appear to share the wiring harness with the ECU, so I am hoping it is
> not mission critical.
> Also, I seem to have somehow damaged the trunk lock mechanism such that it
> won't push in and the key won't turn it.  Kind of hoping that there are
> options other than finding a small friend to shove through the ski-pass
> through where the rear seat used to be.  Got a feeling I'm not that lucky
> though.
> Thanks!
> Rob
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