[s-cars] UrS teardown question

rshydo at ithacamechanical.com rshydo at ithacamechanical.com
Fri Oct 26 09:43:33 PDT 2007

Oh man, I knew I was opening a can of worms.  Yes, I'm "That Crazy Guy"

First off - Cody

I've been watching your project for years.  Awesome work.

Now - Joe and everyone who is thinking the same thing

I've looked at NASA, but as a tech inspector for the SCCA, I'm already at
all their events.  Might not be the fastest car out the first few seasons
but since I'm already there.....  Will be book'ing the car as ITE (catch
all street tires) or SPO (catch all slicks) pending some design choices. 
As both are regional only classes (no national points) its me against
whoever shows up to the new england region events.  I'm just hoping it
rains a lot during racing season!

Yes, the S-cars "were" fat and heavy.  Lets just say that right now I'm at
a little over 3100 lbs still with power windows, sunroof, factory glass,
street wheels, factory body panels, and no removal of any sheetmetal.  My
control arm/swaybar setup in the front will lose ~30 lbs including brake
replacement.  Moving the rear suspension inboard will be dead even with
weight unless I decide to make new rear upright assemblies (the stock ones
weigh a ton).

So I guess my answer (other than I know I'm nuts) is the S-cars were far
too heavy/slow as audi delivered them.  But as a starting point for AWD,
turbo, and pretty darn nice looking body its ok.  I'm hoping to be about
3000 lbs with the cage installed, so not great, but not bad.  As far as
too old, the 01E transmission (yes I have lots of spares) can now be
adapted to any of the 10V/20V Audi engines, Audi V-8's, and VW VR-6's (and
derivatives).  In a racing sense, old is good, as parts get cheaper.


> Joe's point is a good one too, but NASA that I suggested classifies by
> power to weight ratio (with modifiers for cars with slicks and cars
> with AWD), so the actual weight of the car is much less of a concern
> since we all know the AAN can easily make up for it.
> -Cody
> Quoting Joe Pizzimenti <joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com>:
>> I honestly hope that this "SCCA club racing rig" is the S-car towing
>> your
>> racecar.
>> The easiest way to get into racing is to buy someone's prepped car that
>> they
>> gave up on.  Well, that's the cheapest anyway.  The S-car's too heavy &
>> too
>> old to be competitive now in SCCA.
>> Joe

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