[s-cars] UrS teardown question

Lee Levitt lee at wheelman.com
Fri Oct 26 11:00:23 PDT 2007

One issue that I had with autocrossing my S6 is that I found the 
steering to be somewhat slow at times...literally the PS pump 
wasn't keeping up with input from the helm.

I have not noticed this in the '01 A4. The B5 A4 is a nice 
platform for autocrossing. Also slow and uncompetitive, but fun. 
I'm in STX with Subies and Mitsus, both of which kick my ass 
bigtime. Funny what +500 lbs and -150 horses will do for 

I just picked up a set of R compound tires yesterday. We'll see if 
those help the cause at all...the street tires seem to do a lot of 
sliding and I'm really slow through the slaloms.

All of this, of course, is due to bad form, and more $ and parts 
aint going to do much for that!


On Fri Oct 26 09:43:33 PDT 2007, rshydo at ithacamechanical.com 

> Oh man, I knew I was opening a can of worms.  Yes, I'm "That 
> Crazy Guy"
> First off - Cody
> I've been watching your project for years.  Awesome work.
> Now - Joe and everyone who is thinking the same thing
> I've looked at NASA, but as a tech inspector for the SCCA, I'm 
> already at
> all their events.  Might not be the fastest car out the first few 
> seasons
> but since I'm already there.....  Will be book'ing the car as ITE 
> (catch
> all street tires) or SPO (catch all slicks) pending some design 
> choices. As both are regional only classes (no national points) 
> its me against
> whoever shows up to the new england region events.  I'm just 
> hoping it
> rains a lot during racing season!
> Yes, the S-cars "were" fat and heavy.  Lets just say that right 
> now I'm at
> a little over 3100 lbs still with power windows, sunroof, factory 
> glass,
> street wheels, factory body panels, and no removal of any 
> sheetmetal.  My
> control arm/swaybar setup in the front will lose ~30 lbs 
> including brake
> replacement.  Moving the rear suspension inboard will be dead 
> even with
> weight unless I decide to make new rear upright assemblies (the 
> stock ones
> weigh a ton).
> So I guess my answer (other than I know I'm nuts) is the S-cars 
> were far
> too heavy/slow as audi delivered them.  But as a starting point 
> for AWD,
> turbo, and pretty darn nice looking body its ok.  I'm hoping to 
> be about
> 3000 lbs with the cage installed, so not great, but not bad.  As 
> far as
> too old, the 01E transmission (yes I have lots of spares) can now 
> be
> adapted to any of the 10V/20V Audi engines, Audi V-8's, and VW 
> VR-6's (and
> derivatives).  In a racing sense, old is good, as parts get 
> cheaper.
> Rob
>> Joe's point is a good one too, but NASA that I suggested 
>> classifies by
>> power to weight ratio (with modifiers for cars with slicks and 
>> cars
>> with AWD), so the actual weight of the car is much less of a 
>> concern
>> since we all know the AAN can easily make up for it.
>> -Cody
>> Quoting Joe Pizzimenti <joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com>:
>>> I honestly hope that this "SCCA club racing rig" is the S-car 
>>> towing
>>> your
>>> racecar.
>>> The easiest way to get into racing is to buy someone's prepped 
>>> car that
>>> they
>>> gave up on.  Well, that's the cheapest anyway.  The S-car's too 
>>> heavy &
>>> too
>>> old to be competitive now in SCCA.
>>> Joe
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