[s-cars] 4 Season Tires -- your input needed

Gísli Óttarsson gislio at gmail.com
Fri Oct 26 11:18:21 PDT 2007


I bought the Pirelli P Zero Nero for use on my UrS4 here in Reykjavik.
Performance in deep snow was good enough that I became totally fearless.
Two winters and I never got close to being stuck or loosing control in any

I was so pleased that when I got an S8 I immediately bought another set.  I
have yet to experience winter driving in the S8 but will comment as soon as
we have a decent amount of snow.

If the tires have a downside (and here I am reaching) it is that the ride is
pretty hard for the first few hundred kilometers.  Then they seem to soften
up (or you stop noticing).  They are also not the quietest, although on the
S8 they were A LOT quieter than the tires they replaced (sorry, can't
remember what they were right this minute).

On the UrS4 I found that on grooved pavement they would pull a bit more than
what I would have liked (after a winter of studded-tire traffic we have a
lot of grooved pavement in Reykjavik).  In the S8 I have not noticed this so

I don't have experience with the Michelins or the Toyos but I think you will
be pleased with the PZero Neros.


On 10/23/07, Steve Voit <stevevoit at comcast.net> wrote:
> Listers:
> I've been running Michelin Pilot XGT V4 and they have been good all around
> tires in this rainy Seattle climate.  I value wet traction, low noise, dry
> handling, and chose VR rated tires for better ride v. the ZR ones.  Don't
> worry much about snow.  I'm considering 3 tires and would like your input:
> a) Michelin Pilot Sport A/S
> b) Pirelli P Zero Nero
> c) Toyo Proxes 4
> From a rating standpoint I'd probably choose the Pilot A/S based on Tire
> Rack data, but I have reservations on their appearance, preferring the
> look
> of the other two.
> Any BTDTs?
> Steve V. 95.5 S6 Stock 16" Avus Wheels
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