[s-cars] cars] Momentary cut out under full boost

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Yes, it could be a lot of things ... however a 0 Speed reading is not 
expected in any circumstance you described.

Aaron informed me he believed the speed went to 0 before the cutoff. Even if 
it happened during the cutoff that still is not correct.

The speed sensor and connection may be the first place to look. 

I don't know what the ECU will do (if anything) if all of a sudden it is 
producing 25 PSI of boost at 50 MPH and suddenly the speed (seen by the ECU) drops 
to 0. But the Audi engineers may look at that as some type of serious 
situation and cut the fuel ... don't know ...

Best regards,
Feico van der Laan

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robert at s-cars.org writes:

> Or the ECU could be cutting ignition as a result of an input from 
> some source, either erroneous or correctly.  Ignition is cut in 
> response to a signal the ECU interprets as overboost or to a signal 
> the ECU interprets as engine rpms exceeding the rev limiter.
> Overboost can be the result of any number of factors, not the least 
> of which, might be a split WG diaphragm or a faulty WGFV or a 
> blockage in the WGFV to WG hose.  Exceeding the rev limiter can 
> happen (in addition to actually over-revving the engine) as the 
> result of an improperly set limit in the ECU software.
> Bob

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