[s-cars] Power Output Stages (POS) - Ignitors

Manuel Sanchez manuelsanchez at starpower.net
Wed Oct 31 05:59:04 PDT 2007

Fellow S-heads,

I had heard that we can substitute the our era's V6 POS's for the AAN  
POS's, at approximately half the cost.

1. Has anyone successfully run the V6 POS's on the AAN here?
2. Has anyone successfully run them on an RS2 AAN?

My continuing saga of trying to sort thru my power problem has  
resulted in a new (Oh joy) problem.  I have the distinction of having  
2 complete sets of new ignition components, an 034 DIS Coil System  
and the OEM Coil System. I have not confirmed completely if my  
problem is fuel or spark yet, but neither seems to be working for me.

When I have the 034 DIS Coil system installed, I am experiencing a  
severe power cut-off at peak boost levels. I have swapped my ECU with  
a bone stock one, I have swapped chipsets in my own ECU (I have  
swapped the relative components as well such as stock injectors with  
the stock ecu) and this power cut off has occurred on all 3 versions,  
at 3 different boost levels, all coordinated with the peak boost  
level of the coordinating software (14-15psi, 25 psi and 27 psi).

When I have run the stock Coil System (coils are relatively new,  
about a year old) very recently I have been "lucky" to have a new  
problem arise, I will drop a cylinder (confirmed by disconnecting the  
injector leads one at a time to isolate the cylinder). The first time  
this happened, I lost cylinder #5. At the time I had the original OEM  
AAN POS's. I swapped POS's, but unfortunately I was not lucky enough  
to win the "easy channel swap POS lottery". These POS's have 126,000  
miles. So I went out in the back yard and dug up my wallet, it took  
some time to find, as I have a whole lot of holes in my backyard from  
all the wallet burying I've been doing to try and solve this problem.  
I bought 2 brand new Beru V6 POS's (Part # VWW075763 / 4A0905351)  
from our vintage of V6 Audi's. I installed them last weekend with the  
heat sink paste and drove them sedately for about 175 miles. After an  
hour long drive yesterday, I decided to beat on them to see if my  
drastic power loss problem was resolved. About a half dozen WOT 2nd  
and 3rd gear redline pulls seemed to show success! Well the Audi gods  
quickly saw my glee and decided to pee all over my party. I shut the  
car down for about 15 minutes, when I restarted I lost a cylinder,  
this time it's Cylinder #2. I have been told cylinder #2 and #5 are  
run by different POS's.

I have not determined if the lost cylinder is because the coil is not  
firing or if the injector is not firing, too pissed to look at the  


I have about 2 weeks until the VIR Driving School Event to sort this  
headache. This has beaten me down so much that I'm almost sure I'm  
not going to make it (which is really too bad as I really look  
forward to my bi-annual therapy session). So if you wanted to be able  
to go to this event and didn't get in, send me an email and I'll put  
you on my list of people to call if I can't get this sorted out in  
time for the event, at which time I'd try to arrange for whomever to  
buy my slot in the yellow group - cost is $345 for event registration).

Discouraged and in Audi Hell,


95.5 UrS6 Avant (mostly RS2)

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