[s-cars] ticking - should I worry?

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Wed Oct 31 07:19:04 PDT 2007

Probably lifter noise?  Check the oil level since the lifters are  
sensitive to oil
quantity.  With the small sump the level should be kept at the full  
mark.  I would
highly recommend synthetic oil since the regular oils tend to coke in  
the high
turbo temperatures.  See the owners manual chart for proper oil grade  
and wt.--
the 0 and 5W stuff is not appropriate for this engine unless you  
expect very low
temperatures.  The summer multi-grades usually work well in Southern  
CA year
round.  You may have to compromise some if you park outside in areas  
that get
cold at night but you need the protection for freeway driving in the  
afternoon by
a little more easy driving until temps come up.

If the lifter noise continues, some engine oil change prep cleaner  
may help
remove deposits that are probably causing the sticky hydraulic  
lifters.  There
are lots of products and home remedies for lifter noise.  YMMV


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> Tried reading the faq's, etc, for info on this, but today after some
> spirited driving, I started hearing a ticking sound at idle. The
> engine still seems to run just fine, so I was hoping for some help.
> R/S
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