[s-cars] Did someone mention anti-sieze and Torsen? Loose plug redux

Steve Voit stevevoit at comcast.net
Wed Oct 31 14:34:00 PDT 2007

Finally, I get to share my spark plug theory:

Been a lot of historical chat about loose plugs, retightening plugs,
tightening then backing off and retightening plugs, ad naseum.

I have observed that most deep sparkplug sockets will touch the wall of the
head (at the bottom bore radius) when tightening the plug.  I've bot Sears,
MAC, Lack-of-Value hardware store brands and they all do it.  This
interference causes an erroneously high reading on a torque wrench or
calibrated arm.  I bucked up the $60 or so for a Snap-on socket and
extension (has a positive lock, so it doesn't get left behind when you
withdraw the socket) and it has a much thinner wall - no interference.  I
torque to spec and no worries.


Steve, thinkin' it's just metal after all, V.


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