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yes, it did.  not only that, but i failed to pay attention to the instructions and took the first bit of oil that came out, instead of letting it run a little, so i got all the crap at the bottom of the oil pan.  that would have caused the counts to be higher.

the counts were all OK, and based on that, the lab actually said i could go to 15k miles.  so my current oil/filter change interval of 7500 miles seems pretty safe.

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Didn't your oil analysis include particulate, metallic (alum &
iron)  and silicate counts with recommended allowable count ranges?

If so, if it's within range, I wouldn't worry too much about changing
sooner. And isn't the bypass valve in the filter, not the engine? If
so, it's renewed EVERY new filter. 

Still, letting the filter fill wouldn't be good, so changing the filter every 5K doesn't sound like a bad idea. 

And the reason that older cars like the thicker oils is due to the main
bearing and camshaft journal designs, which were based upon
manufacturing tolerances capable of mass production at the time. Being
that the design requires certain viscosities to carry the bearing
loads, I wouldn't go out of the specified ranges in the manuals. 

Today's stuff is of much tolerances, so they can
use the lighter oils with the benefit of less viscous drag. That being
said, I do find that the UrS seems perfectly happy with 10W-30, whereas
my 10VT 200Q was not. Somehow, I doubt that they changed the bearing
tolerances between the cars that
much between the engines, although the 20V design was done after the
original I-5 (actually the 2 liter I-4 of the C1) was done. 


On 10/31/07, Theodore Chen <tedebearp at yahoo.com> wrote:
is it that the newer cars can go 15k-20k miles without an oil change or
filter change, and still make it to 150k+ miles?  by now,
there are a lot of them with 100k+ miles and no engine problems.

maybe i'll let the oil go to 10k miles, and change the filter at 5k.

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oil analysis, you can determine how long you should be keeping the oil
in your engine before changing it- however, you do need to change the
filter regularly.

Some synthetics can go 15k w/o breakdown, but you still need to change the filter every 5k miles.


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