[s-cars] heater flap motors

Rich Assarabowski konecc at snet.net
Wed Oct 31 17:56:11 PDT 2007

There are two servo motors buried under the dashboard, access to them is
very difficult.  Could be the linkage or could be the motor, either way I
don't think it's possible to get in there without removing the center
console, which means you start at the rear console and work your way to the
front.  I couldn't figure out any other way to do it, maybe someone else
has.   I have some pictures I can e-mail to you if you'd like to see what's
involved, it's not pretty.   The motors themselves are $120 or so, but it's
the time-consuming labor of getting to them.   I replaced both with new ones
even though only one was bad, didn't want to do this over again any time
soon.  They can actually be cleaned and brought to life in some cases, I
didn't try this because it just wasn't worth the risk of having to do this

If you're very patient and can keep track of lots of screws and fasteners
and are not afraid of yanking at plastic and figuring out how the hell they
put this together and where are those hidden screws and why did they make
this so stupdily difficult, then go for it.  Make sure you're comfortable
upside down with your legs up on the seats, if I remember correctly I pulled
one of the seats out to get my large frame under there -- bad memories!
I'll be happy to share my photographs which will help, the service manual
doesn't really document where all the hidden screws are.

I'd check the fault codes before you buy the car to make sure it's not
throwing any other codes.

-- Rich 

>A '95 S6 I am looking is represented as having everything working except
the A/C will not blow out of dash vents, only the floor and defrost.
>I assume broken heater flap motor.  How big a pain in the but is that to
fix?  How much $$ for parts?

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