[s-cars] My UrS6 stolen! Insurance advice & parts free-for-all

Edward audi.ed at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 17:51:34 EDT 2007

My 95 S6 was stolen about a month ago from my apartment in Vancouver (kits,
no less).  He used it as a getaway vehicle from various other crimes before
getting chased by the po and crashing it into a median, totaling it.  I went
to the police impound to see it: the b*stard had chiseled off every
indication that it was an Audi, right down to the side badges and front
grill.  Basically wrecked the body before he even crashed it.

So now I'm trying to deal my insurance company (AAA Michigan) to get some
due compensation.  I'm seeking advice on how to get close to a fair market
value as they're offering less than I would have sold her for.  Anyone been
through a similar process?  (I've sent 'em a list of all the S6's I could
find for sale right now but I'm not sure if that'll help).  I've done
various upgrades (H&M, bilstein, sound system, wheels + tires, chip, boost
gauge, etc) but of course the insurance company A) wants receipts for it all
(which I'm horrible at keeping) and B) limits payout for after-market as I
didn't specify it on the policy.  Basically they're offering $8700 for the
car and I feel it would be worth more in the $10k range.  Thoughts?

On another note, I've got a bunch of bits for her that I won't need anymore.
Perhaps of most interest:
* Stock 16" wheels in decent condition with only 3 pilot alpin tires with
some tread left (4th had unfixable flat & I was going to address it before
the snow flew)
* Ignition coil, new in box (bought two, turned out it was bad POS)
* INNER tie rods (replace the whole thing but later got the dang ends off)
* Stock sound bits: CD player, silver box, rear amp, CD player trunk cover

If any of the above peaks interest shoot me an e-mail.  I'm looking to get
rid of it ASAP to make room for whatever is next so any reasonable offer is
welcome.  Oh the tie rod & sound bits I'm happy to give someone for shipping
cost.  I've also got a bunch of misc bits (dash bulbs, dash switch blanks, a
funky splash-gaurd screw, etc) that I'm too lazy to sort.

I will/could list it separate & post to classified section or CL (as per use
policy) but figured I'd mention it here first to save the hassle.



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