[s-cars] F/S 93 CAD S4

Mark Strangways StrangConst at rogers.com
Mon Sep 10 00:16:35 EDT 2007

Everytime I take it out lately, it pisses me off.
Little things happen.
First the hyd pump to rack hose.
I get that fixed, and go to drive it a few days later. No brake fluid.
Seems the rear seal went in the caliper.
Get that fixed (no time to do it myself $700.00 +), and the rebuilt caliper 
is seized and causes all sorts of trouble.
The final straw...
Went to bring it back to the mechanic Tuesday... battery is dead. Slow draw 
( I have a good idea as to where).

Maybe it's just matenience time, as I have had to do very little. It's just 
a piss off when you want to drive it and can't.

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> >but lately I cannot stand seeing it
> Wow, why the change of heart, Mark?
> --Calvin
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> Guys,
> I think the time has come for me and my //S4 to part ways.
> I do not drive the car enough for it's liking, and it seems to want
> attention once driven.
> Therefore, I offer up my //S4 to the list.
> 93 (92 spec) Black S4, now a metallic black with a beautiful blue metallic
> that comes thru with the sun.
> The usual, P brakes (Bira SYS 6), with my own uber large rear brake 
> set-up.
> Stromung exhaust.
> Custom s/w.
> GT30R turbo
> 42 Lbs/hr Injectors.
> Water injection
> shocks
> Springs...
> Etc..
> You all know the list.
> Was appraised at 14,500 CAD last year, was at //S-Fest 2006. there are 
> some
> pics of it.
> I don't want to give it away, but lately I cannot stand seeing it.
> I doubt anyone here wants her, but I offer it up for sale.
> E-mail me offers if you wish.
> Mark
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