[s-cars] S6 fuel pump

Dave Forgie forgied at ae.ca
Mon Sep 10 12:54:49 EDT 2007

Robert:  I answered on AW.  But for those here who may have the same
problem,  if you aren't removing the fuel pump basket, the fuel pump
clips pivot and latch over the top of the fuel pump. They are roughly at
11 and 5 oclock postion, as per the photo in my write up: 
If you press the bottom of the 5 o'clock clip, the top of the clip will
pivot towards you. At the same time (remember you are doing this blind
with one hand only), push the fuel pump up at the side closest to you,
to get it above the clip. Then reach around (no jokes) to the 11 o'clock
clip, press the bottom of the clip and then pull the back side of the
pump up. It should be totally free of the basket by this time. 

If that doesn't work. Try the 11 o'clock clip first and then the 5
o'clock clip. Close your eyes when you are doing this and imagine in
your minds eye what is going on.
Dave F.

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