[s-cars] Can you say "procrastinate"?

Tom Green trgreen at comcast.net
Tue Sep 11 20:32:26 EDT 2007

You are certainly getting lots of advice, Bob.  Kinda makes a guy
wonder what to do.  :-)
Since you have invested $90 bux and 30 minutes in this HID kit,
I say throw them halogen lenses on there. When someone puts
these things on a certified machine instead of an eyeball dyno
(as opposed to the butt dyno) then let's talk some more.  :-)

These lenses going on your original DOT headlights, Bob?
If so, I recommend reading the technical stuff on s-cars. org.
The original write-up from URS4.com is there with details on
cleaning the reflectors, projectors, etc.  This will gain you more
than the 20% you lose by not buying Lee's hi dollar lenses.
Besides, I think it's only 6% in lumens, the 20% is in your wallet.

I think your price schedule is dated, Lee.  Halogen lenses are up
30 to 50% and the HID as well.  You are also telling Bob not to
use the lenses he already has in hand as well.
If you install the HID lights, you can see down the road so you
don't need those big brakes, boxster or 996tt.


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> Yes, they are more expensive...about $250 for a pair rather than
> $100, IIRC, but that's not 5X.
> If you're going to go through all the trouble of installing HID
> projectors, and then upgrade the lenses, you might as well spend
> the extra bux and do it right...
> This of course is why I want to run 996tt calipers on my 3200 lb
> A4 rather than Boxster calipers :)
> Lee
> On Tue Sep 11 12:10:30 PDT 2007, Stott Hare <stott at gwi.net>
> wrote:
>> Only problem being the HID lenses were 5x as expensive last time
>> a group buy
>> was done.
>> -Stott
>> 95 S6A
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>> Hold on there Bob!
>> I would not install the Euro lenses over HID lamps. If you're
>> going to bother with swapping the lenses, buy a set of the HID
>> lenses from PG Performance.
>> The difference is that the HID lenses have little or no fluting,
>> whereas the Euro lenses have a moderate amount. What this means
>> to you is that with the Euro lenses, the HID beam pattern will be
>> somewhat distorted, on the order of 10-20% (guessing).
>> With the HID lenses, you'll get less dazzle (uncontrolled light)
>> and more illumination where you want it (or at least where it's
>> supposed to go!).
>> I've got two sets of HID'ed euro lamps in my driveway, and as
>> soon as I can't find anything else to spend the money on, I'm
>> going to buy a couple of sets of HID lenses...
>> Just my .02.
>> Lee
>> '01 A4 stock xenons
>> '99 A6 allroad xenons
>> '97 A6 HID'ed euros
>> '96 A6 HID'ed euros
>> On Tue Sep 11 09:16:58 PDT 2007, Robert Myers <robert at s-cars.org>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Y'all,
>>> I'm _FINALLY_ ready to install the Euro lenses on my '95.5 urS6
>>> HID'd headlights.  It looks like replacing the lenses should be
>>> pretty straightforward except for the usual "gotchas".  Looks
>>> like pull the headlights, snap off the several spring clips and
>>> separate the lens from the light body/reflector assembly and
>>> then reassemble w/ the new lenses.  It also looks like there is
>>> some sort of gasket (adhesive?) to deal with.  So what are the
>>> gotchas?  Do I need anything special or unusual for the job?
>>> Surely it can't be as simple as it looks at first glance.
>>> Beuller?
>>> Bob


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