[s-cars] Fw: LAC Goodyear GSD3

JAM jscarstuff at charter.net
Thu Sep 13 17:39:31 PDT 2007

So, has anybody on the here tried Kumho MX on our cars?  I'm now looking for 
a reasonably prices max performance tire to replace these things.  Any other 
recommended summer tires for an urS6 avant?
Jason Mawhinney

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> Actually, my tires are Australian.  I thought that was pretty weird.  It 
> seems to me that most people who say good things about these tires had 
> sizes other than the stock 225-50-16.  Compared to the BFG Gforce Sports, 
> these things are some extremely squirmy bastards, totally not what I 
> expected.  I expected going from the UHP tire to a max performance tire 
> would actually make for a better handling, less comprimise for comfort 
> tire.  What I got was a good highway tire that looks good.
> Anyway, the good folks at Tire Rack are trying to help me get into a 
> better set of tires so hopefully this will all be resolved soon one way or 
> another.
> Jason
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>  I think that's a function of the tread pattern- the squirminess, that is.
>  Also, the Chinese-made Goodyears differ from the German-made Goodyears- 
> don't know which you have on your car.
>  Those Goodyears do ride nicely, so I think the sidewall softness doesn't 
> help things at all.
>  Then again, my points of reference include Falken RT-615 and Bridgestone 
> RE-070, both of which have very stiff sidewalls.
>  For a car that doesn't require ultimate grip, I actually like the Toyo 
> Proxes 4 quite a lot- they're great on my Mom's Beetle- grip fairly well, 
> quiet, good wet and dry traction, good ride.
>  Taka
>  On 9/12/07, JAM <jscarstuff at charter.net> wrote:
>    I'm wondering if any other S heads are running these and what you think 
> of them.  I'm running 225-50-16W tires on the urS4 Fuchs on the S6 avant 
> and they're pretty squirmy, as the sidewalls are really weak.  I'm finding 
> that these tires are not confidence inspiring at all.  They were on sale 
> last winter and I thought I got a helluva deal but I'm finding this may 
> not be the case.  I wonder if these tires are only this squirmy certain 
> sizes since most reviews on Tire Rack are positive but some of the gripes 
> were sidewall stiffness, or lack thereof.
>    Is anyone else experiencing similar problems?
>    Jason M.
>    '95.5 S6a
>    '93 S4
>    '96 Passat TDI variant
>    '96 Passat TDI
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