[s-cars] LAC Goodyear GSD3

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Fri Sep 14 06:28:46 PDT 2007

D'oh - try again...

Jason wondered about CUMingHO's:

<<<Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 20:39:31 -0400
From: "JAM" <jscarstuff at charter.net>
Subject: Re: [s-cars] Fw:  LAC Goodyear GSD3

So, has anybody on the here tried Kumho MX on our cars?  I'm now looking
a reasonably prices max performance tire to replace these things.  Any
recommended summer tires for an urS6 avant?
Jason Mawhinney>>>

Hey Jason-

Missed you this year 8-).  Anyway, I *LOVED* my MX's.  255's FTW!  Best
bang / buck tire I can think of.  While not best in all out ultimate
terms they cover many of the bases pretty damn well.  Kinda suck in
rain, buthey, that can be a good thing depending how you spin it (pun
intended).  Great way to hone your hydroplane skills 80+ certainly. 

And I was quickly reminded of how much I fixate on those things when
Chris Hawkins pulled my old green meanie into //SFest this year and they
were staring me in the face shod over them 17x8 Avus.  TOTALLY GNARLY
looking - love the sidewall script, the chunky outer blocks, etc.
Course the 'uber effect' was a bit exacerbated by Chris' (unfortunate)
newly ahem 'found' ride-height.  Snapped a f'n 29771 *ON WAY* to
//SFest!!!  If only that ride height were a good thing - it "looked"
great!!!  8-).  F'n H&R's, sosososososo lame how prevalent them failures
are becoming!

ANYwho, HTH.  I say go for it and laugh all the way home.  Like driving
round on pencil erasers!

-Paul wish they made 265/18's!!! K.

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