[s-cars] Services for Bill Perron

Abe Berman yellowcuda at gmail.com
Tue Sep 18 09:00:36 PDT 2007

First off, thank you for the kind words and thoughts.  It hasn't quite
sunk in for me yet that my friend is gone, just doesn't make sense.
When I went down into his garage and saw the Ur-S there, still shiny
from S-Fest, with the keys sitting next to the shifter, it made me
think he'd be back later to take it for a nice high boost run with me.
 I had to chuckle as much I was choked up when I moved his "new to
him" Fiero into the garage.  I busted his chops pretty good about that
thing up until last week.  In the garage were alot of memories of
projects complete and partially complete, sort of like gentle old
ghosts.  Colleen called the garage "the place where old audi's go to
die".  In fact, just as many were rescued from the crusher down there.

Here's a pic of Bill and Colleen hoisting the motor for the cuda out
of the crate back in 2004 in said garage.


I will send some of my own thoughts and stories later this week, right
now I just need to get my head around this.

Services for Bill will be held near his home in Ridgefield, CT.

There will be a wake on Friday evening from 4-8 at the Kane Funeral
Home, 25 Catoonah St, Ridgefield - (203) 438-6597.

On Saturday there will be services at 10am at the St. Elizabeth Seton
Parish, 520 Ridgebury Rd, Ridgefield, CT 06877 - (203) 438-7292

If you are coming from out of town and need accomodations, please
contact me.  I will be trying to book some rooms at the Springhill
Suites in Ridgefield for Friday and Saturday night.

Take care,


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