[s-cars] Confessions of an //S-Fest WEST Guest

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 18 18:25:07 PDT 2007

--- Steve Voit <stevevoit at comcast.net> wrote:

> First good omen was encountering fellow lister Nick Bode in his pearl
> monster as we happened on the same slow car pullin' the grade up from the
> Columbia river on hwy 2.  Sweet.  Nick's ride is awesome and I think we both
> felt better navigating as a committee.  We had to deal with a triathlon
> transition 

the grand columbia triathlon was that weekend at the grand coulee dam.
i didn't realize it was so close to s-fest west.  it's an iron/half-iron
distance triathlon, and supposed to be one of the biggest independent
iron distance races on the west coast.

i was at ironman louisville on the day of s-fest on the east coast.  i
thought of you guys kicking back in lawn chairs drinking beers while 
i was grinding through the hills in 90+ degree weather.  i actually saw
an S6 avant out on the bike course.

maybe next year i'll figure out how to combine a trip to s-fest west
with the grand columbian, but if they're the same day, that won't work out.
you guys going to do a video hookup between the two s-fests next year?


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