[s-cars] Worthy projects (was Alum..was UrS $)

Joe Pizzimenti joe.pizzimenti at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 18:45:55 PDT 2007

Haha, his meal ticked got d-q'd at the NASA time trials.  I know, not
really racing, but it is for him.  Look for Patrick Lindsey & you'll
see what I'm talking about.

That whole cheating thing.  Best part is, it's not even real racing,
what kind of douche nozzle cheats at time trials?


On 9/19/07, Ian Duff <iduff at comcast.net> wrote:
> Gee, Eric, how'd you do in the NASA Championships? I just looked at
> the results, and don't see you anywhere.
> Couldn't find you anywhere, either here http://nasachampionships.com/
> home.html or here http://www.mylaps.com/results/showevent.jsp?
> id=252214. The closest I can find is someone named _David_ Fletcher
> driving a 1999 A4, got lapped in PTA, whatever that is.
> Is David a relation that you're teaching to drive? Must be early in
> your tutelage, or perhaps the family automotive genes all ended up
> with you. Or did you decide it was not worth going? I was kind of
> surprised to not find you at the top of the leaderboard somewhere
> here, given your lengthy resume and stellar driving skills.
> -Ian Duff.
> On 28 Apr, 2007, at 12:48, Eric Fletcher wrote:
> > Ian,
> >
> > Scott isn't exactly unbiased. He's never liked the B5 and Later S-
> > Cars, and in reality he doesn't have that much experience with
> > them. I will and do put my money where my mouth is. I don't see
> > anyone on this list or any other for that matter actually
> > campaigning a B5 S4 like we are. And our program is setting lap
> > records at EVERY track we turn a wheel at.
> >
> > We have NEVER had a oil filter sandwich plate have an issue like
> > Scott claims. Never in 5 years of our program. In-fact during the
> > run of our program we have never had a DNF or on-track breakage of
> > a part and we have a 100% dispatch record. Listening to Scott spew
> > you'd believe that the B5 can't make it a mile without a breakage
> > yet we have done close to 20K track miles with out a single failure.
> >
> > When he makes mistakes about the later S-cars I will show and
> > correct him since I have done the research and built the cars,
> > something he really hasn't done.  If you or him would  like to
> > prove us wrong we will be at NASA nationals again this year at Mid
> > Ohio Raceway. Build something to beat us. Do the races to qualify
> > and come and race. Otherwise keep you r biased incorrect opinions
> > to yourself
> >
> >
> > Eric Fletcher
> > '00 S4tt
> > RS4 K04 Turbo Conversion
> > RS4 Intake and Fuel
> > RS4 intercoolers
> > RS4 Downpipes/modded for flow
> > Miltek Exhaust
> > RS4 Flywheel/Clutch and Pressure plate
> > Penske Suspension
> > Stoptech 332 fronts Stasis 298 rear Brakes
> > Abt Z6 18x8 Wheels
> > Euro Headlights
> > and all sorts of other toys...
> >
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