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pkrasusky at ups.com pkrasusky at ups.com
Thu Sep 20 06:40:42 PDT 2007

Morning Gentz-

Buddy just scored *the* schwingggest silver / black Avant.  87k, sport
seats, one key, all books, mats, cargo cover.  It's funny the C5's
silver is far different than my Light Silver - much more metallic and a
bit more grey - dig it!!!  A coupla you here saw it last night @ the EH
gtg (mostly Audidoodie Worlders there, and, I was the only D2 2 years
now, great turn out!).

I'll describe the flaws first as there's nary:

Slightest of a 2" scratch on the LR lower quarter.  One *very* dent
wizardable pea sized ding on the left and the right rear doors - in fact
that may be done by the time you'd get there.  Some 2" scuffing to the
LF bumper cover on the corner, and one 1" deeper scuff on the RF lower
bumper cover (he's touching up all these).  A barely worth mentioning
'chew' to the RF  Avus.


Car is f'n cherry otherwise.  Front pads are 75% and he's putting new
rears on.  ContiExtremeContact's are +/- 50%.  Interior is as new, no
child seat dents in rear, no bolster wear, nothing.  

There is simply nothing nothing NOTHING like acres upon acres of black
alcantara headliner I tells ya!!!  I sprouted wood and was in fact
contemplating ways to defy gravity to roll around nekkid upon the thing!
Oooooooooooo the smell, I could take vehicular bonghits of that interior
**all day*** - yummalicious!

Major bonus?  Belt's been done!  Schwing!

Car drives like juan meeeellion buchs, perfect in every regard, no CEL,
no nothing just awesome.  Funny how the thing's heavier than Alumibitch
and less powerful, yet feels notably more sprightly.  Guessing it has to
do with them (downright comically diminutive) 17x8's vs. my Pork Pig 18"
Avus', along with my wider track.  Steering input is just much more
lively, car seems way more tossable.  Not better, just different.  And
for those wondering you may recall he and I ran the last one he had with
Alumibitch behind him and they were dead nuts even until I hit 5th and
started reeling him in until we had to lift.  What I figured, really.

Anywho...  first hi 19k's takes it, going online this week higher.

-Paul hookin' my bruthas' up hopefully K.

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