[s-cars] Confessions of an //S-Fest WEST Guest

Mark Strangways StrangConst at rogers.com
Thu Sep 20 10:25:19 PDT 2007

Takes a big man to swollen up some of them there words Pauly.
You gots my respect bro !

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> Ah, gotchya Steve - sometimes humor is lost electronically.  Gots to
> realize this has grown to be like one of me kiddies - heck - Jen was
> pregnant with Tyler for the inaugural!  Consequently I tend to be a bit
> protective / proud.
> I lumped my response to you in with other 'issues' floating around out
> there that had nothing to do with you.
> So, amen to all that!  Enjoy every moment...
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> It's cool, Paul.  I was just tryin to have a bit of fun and make
> an E-W connection.
> I think all of us in all locations with all budgets enjoy all
> the activity whether we can be part of it in person or not -- it's a
> family.
> Steve, professing oneness and zen-like harmony, V
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