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Thu Sep 20 18:55:52 PDT 2007

Replace WGFV with known good.  13psi on the stock chips sounds like a  WGFV 
is not working right (or at all).  Even the RS2 WGFV won't last long  at those 
tweeked boost levels.
Scott J
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I've been assured it was greater than 27 psi, and that the  hoses held  
the charge of air when the ISV, Throttle Body and the  crankcase  
ventilation system were plugged. This was when the system  was  
pressurized just south of the turbo outlet. I have asked that we  get  
a measurement with a pressure gauge so I can officially rule it  out.

When I did the pressurization in my driveway, thru the MAF to  turbo  
hose, I had the regulator set at 15 psi, but I've heard  that  
regulators aren't so accurate at that low range. I realize this  is  
well shy of 27, but I didn't dare pressurize the MAF to turbo  hose  
any more, as it swelled like a 13 year old discovering his  first  
Playboy Mag. Besides, I got tired of retrieving the plugs that  I kept  
blowing out into the neighbors yard.

What's weird  about the whole thing though, is that with my ECU, with  
the RS2  software, I'd get this cut out at about 27 psi, but with a  
Stock ECU  with stock chips, I'd get the cut-out at about 13 psi.  
That's one of  the puzzling pieces.

Thanks for the tip, I'll check  further.




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