[s-cars] Eyeballs needed in Maui!

Chris Semple chris at force5auto.com
Fri Sep 21 10:58:04 PDT 2007

Guys, Maui H-D *is* the Audi dealership for Maui. They've got about 7-8 cars
and two techs, vs 100+ HD cycles for sale/rental. I'd be curious as to how
it got there, since it's a premium model for someone to cancel an order on.
Shannon and I were there last year and I stopped in for the tour. (hand
slapped for doing biz on vacation)

I don't know of an independant shop on Maui offhand, that may be your only
option for a 2nd opinion.

-Chris Semple
Concord NH
'95 S6
-a long way from HI-

Track down the nearest Audi dealer - that's right, dealer - in HI. Have the
"seller" deliver car for complete inspection. Pay dealer for inspection via
cc over the the phone. Pay additional "storage fees" to dealer to "store"
car for buyer while deal is being consummated (I suggest having buyer's
banker work directly with "seller's" banker via phone to transfer funds and
have seller's banker have signed title in hand to fed ex immediately upon
transfer of funds to seller's account). Have shipping company pick up car
from Dealer and ship to west coast.
-Tom Winter

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My brother called me last night and is contemplating purchasing a B7 S4
Avant located in Maui; problem is he's in Utah, and needs someone to
look at this car and see if it's the real deal or not.  Time is short -
if you can help or have any suggestions for reputable pre-purchase
mechanics, please give me a shout out and I'll connect you with him.  As
his AW post on the B7 forum says, "It's at Cycle City Maui (Maui Harley
Davidson) in Kahului. Silver B7 Avant, Black/Silver Alantera interior
with approx 8,100 miles, premium pkg,audio pkg. Need your input in the
next day or two. Thanks in advance"

I guess the price is so good he's getting sucked into this deal like a
black hole pulls in stars....
95.5 S6 Avant

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