[s-cars] PSA on Steering Rack - was <braces inbox for flood> '02 //S6 - Bueller?

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 21 17:59:08 PDT 2007

i don't have any clunks.  just some tramlining and general instability,
which i attributed to worn suspension/steering components.  however,
i'll check the steering rack mounts for cracks.  thanks.  did you replace
control arms and tie rod ends on either of your cars?


--- jtoms493 at comcast.net wrote:

> Teddy, have replaced the steering damper on a couple of S4's. One at 160K and
> current vehicle at 115K. 
> I can't say that I felt or noticed a difference in handling, but I can tell
> you that both of these dampers were shot! Also, if you have an OE Audi damper
> (431 425 021A) there is a date of manufacture            (week #/year) on it.
> The only way I could the view the date with the damper on the car was with a
> mirror placed behind and below the damper. (Bought current damper from
> Autohaus AZ - Boge version.)
> After replacing the damper on my current S4 I was still having issues with
> what I felt was the front suspension. Had a clunk when I turned either right
> or left and taking corners aggressively was not as solid as I thought it
> should be. Steering wheel wandered from tdc a few weeks after alignment. 
> Found that both sides of the steering rack needed to be repaired. Bought the
> reinforcement bracket (443 809 489) for the driver side and had a metal brace
> fabricated for the passenger side. Both the driver's side and the passenger
> side had tears in the metal near the rack securing points. Even the driver's
> side bracket was torn in numerous places. Once the cracks were welded and
> brackets put in place steering is great. The bracket that attaches the
> steering rack to the firewall was fine.
> So S-heads as has been mentioned recently, go out and check the connecting
> points on both sides of your steering rack for tears in the metal, as well as
> the condition of the driver's side rack reinforcing bracket. Also check the
> securing bracket on the firewall. This may be the answer to your suspect
> steering or your mystery "clunks".
> John Tomlinson
> 93 S4  

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