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i have a fix for UrS4 owners: don't beat on the car in 1st gear.

'92 S4, 149k miles, original transmission still (not) ticking

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You have an S6.? Crawl under and look at its serial number.? If it is CBD 79445 or higher, it is a 5 speed with a wide first gear, and likely will perform well with power mods.

The earlier trans have a narrow first gear... high torque loads lead to a failure of the surface of the gear, and it begins to sound like a cement mixer in first gear.

Chances are good, since you own an S6, you have the better trans.

For all you could ever want to know, read Charlie's website... Chris posted the link.


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> If you have an S6, it appears that you are safe.? With an S4, it is just a
matter of when.

Dave, or anyone else, can you elaborate? I just upgraded my exhaust manifold
to RS2, with additions to follow. God forbid I now need to go with a $ix
$peed tranny, too.

Tom '95 S6 Avant

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