[s-cars] Sighting in Ottawa - Mauve S4!

Gabriel Caldwell gabriel at ts.bc.ca
Mon Sep 24 19:07:06 PDT 2007

Only '92s (like mine) had the badge on the passenger side, the rest are
on the driver's side.

P.S. the car in the link I sent is my car.

Gabriel Caldwell

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Yup, that's that one - tho not as polished :)

Though the S4 badge was on the driver side - is that significant?

96 S6

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This color



Gabriel Caldwell

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So spotted a S4 the other day heading west on Carling Ave in Ottawa but
interest thing was that it had a deep metallic mauve paint job which I
wasn't sure was an option. Can anyone confirm? After market paint job? 
As it was a old biddy driving I'm assuming it's not a lister. And I was
the XJ8 so they wouldn't have recognised me as a lister anyway!
And that would take the tally to about 14 or so S-Cars in Ottawa area.
96 S6
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