[s-cars] To part or not to part...that is the question

Marc Gorelick marc at frogville.net
Tue Sep 25 14:49:23 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I know this has been brought up by others similarly situated, so 
apologies if you consider this a WOB:

The car:  '93 UrS4, 194k miles, green and ecru.

Body: I think it's about a 6 out of 10. There are a few rust spots just 
beginning and the paint is getting tired,  especially near the grille. A 
few trim bits could use replacing but there isn't anything falling off. 
I still get compliments from other UrS owners on it though.

Interior: I'd give it a 7 out of 10. The leather is completely intact 
and most of it is nearly perfect, although the driver's seat is somewhat 
worn. A bit of leather dye would make it look great again. The carbon 
fiber is perfect. I'd give the interior an 8 but I have to fix the 
sunroof control panel (easy) and the retaining clip for the driver's 
side sun visor. There are a few minor rattles, such as the one from the 
sunroof shade. There is a tiny crack in the dash near the sampling fan 

Engine: Runs great once warmed up. Stumbles just a bit on startup if it 
sits for a few days.  I just replaced the turbo at 167k miles with a 
K24/K26 hybrid. The car is chipped and has a 1.9bar WG spring. Very fast 
car but pales compared to others on the list. :-)  Most importantly it's 
got 194k on it and will need a timing belt at about 210k. I've run 
nothing but synthetic in it since the day I bought it, although this was 
at 129k. I have most service records from previous owners.

Electronics:  Predictably, starting to get a bit flaky. Cruise control 
does not work. RF window switch does not work. LR seat heater doesn't 
work (but the all-important driver's seat heater element was recently 
replaced and works awesome). Outside temp backlight burned out recently. 
I've replaced the ignition switch within the last year.

The question, as suggested by the title, is:  Try to sell or part out? I 
am sure I could sell the chipped ECU and carbon fiber bits for a good 
price. If I tried to sell the car as a whole, who (besides the esteemed 
members of this list) would consider buying a car with this many miles 
on it? What on Earth would I ask for it if I did try to sell?  I've had 
it for 4 years and am tired of fixing things. I would like to move on to 
another car.


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