[s-cars] Perron Fund is Closed for donations - you guys

Mark Pollan mark.pollan at verizonbusiness.com
Fri Sep 28 06:42:41 PDT 2007

Never having met Bill but reading all the tributes I made a modest
contribution to the fund.  That aside, I absolutely think this is a
wonderful idea and will without question spur me to make it to CT to
participate weddings and buddy's 40th b-day parties be damned.

Mark "with some modest handyman skills" Pollan

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My guess is that the work that we can do at the house
will be more 
valuable to Colleen than the money raised...

Lets keep an eye on that...someone should ask Colleen
at an 
appropriate time about when, not if.

If there's heavy lifting to be done, I may be able to
enroll some 
additional men.


 I all so knew Bill...1st time I meet him was as PK's
one Friday night. He was bent up like a pretzel
installing a set of Carbon Fiber trim to PK's ol Urs6.
next time I saw him he was diddling with someones ECU,
after that he was bleeding someones brakes....seemed
like the kinda guy who did nothing but give!
 I even let him flog my ol Pearl V8...I liked his
comments about how he thought one thing about the V8's
& then after taking her for a beating had a different
attitude about V8's.

 So I'd like to give as well.....I didn't contribute
monetarily..but I can contribute my knowledge &
muscle, I'm a roofer by trade & can do anything as far
as deck building, siding, window replacement, ect.....
if I can be of any help whatsoever, it would be my


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