[s-cars] S6 rear badge location/dimensions

Sean Douglas s_douglas at telus.net
Sat Apr 5 06:57:57 PDT 2008


Take a look at this picture and you will see it is 18 mm from each edge.



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> S-Heads,
> Like several other list members, I had a minor accident this 
> winter with my 95 S6 (someone stopped at a green light in 
> front of me - stupid bastard! - who stops at a green light?). 
>  However, I was fortunate enough that the damage was limited 
> to $4,500 so the car wasn't totaled.  
> In good S-head fashion, I didn't just have the front end 
> repaired, I slipped down the slope of having the entire car 
> repainted.  So, after 3-months of waiting, the car is about 
> ready to pick up (yea - slow paint guy but beautiful work).  
> However, when he removed the original badge, he did not note 
> the proper location.  Can anyone send me dimensions or images 
> of just how close the the edge and bottom of the trunk the 
> badge should be installed?  And I was able to pull the badge 
> out of my Rossato-bin from the group purchase a year back.
> Paul Dooley
> 95 S6 with fresh paint but badgeless
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