[s-cars] questions regardng track pads

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Uh oh, looks like I'm going to have to try the Oranges (just drink the kool-aid). I've been happy with the Textars at the track, but with that kind of endorsement, I don't know how I can resist. I'm heading to VIR in about 2 weeks, hmmmm. 

Anyone know of a good place to pick up some Pagid Oranges on the cheap?



I run OEM Textars on the street and they work fine, but if you go with Pagid
Oranges for the track you will freak - they are so, so good.  I did not want
to take them off, ever.  I did leave them on for a few days after running at
the Glen - my teenage son kept asking me to stop fast, it was so much fun.

Next week LRP and I get to put on the Oranges again.  Whoopee!


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I run the Porsche OE 993 Textar pads on my 993 BBK. I previously had  
lots of squealing with other pads, but someone on list recommended  
the Textars and they have worked for me. They are a bit dusty though.  
I run them both at the track and on the street.


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> I too will run my first track day in May.  I presently have the  
> stock brakes
> on the car and intend to upgrade to 993/A8 combo.  I don't want to  
> have
> multi-pads or multi-rotors.  Any tips?
> Steve Voit
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