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I've seen Black/can can red and it is most definitely garrish.? The white/red combination unfortunately is a "traditional" early Corvette combo.? One thing I should have pointed out is that with can can red you need to get with the deviated color package.? This setup has the dash and the upper door trim and rear deck in black.? You also need to have a black headliner.? My 993tt interior is tan with the deviated color in black and a black headliner.

Mark near chicago

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White with red interior is too pimp for me- I'd rather have black with
the red interior. But I can't cry that I only have a 996tt, either.

On 4/9/08, pkrasusky at ups.com <pkrasusky at ups.com> wrote:
> Ohhhhhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, me heartsa bleedin' for ya here - "oh
> booo hoooo I sold my beloved white / cancan Carrera and now I'm left
> slumming around in my pedestrian 993tt oh woe is me waaaaaaaaaaaaa"...
> 8-)!!!
> Someone on Rennlist just posted about looking @ a 930 in ^that^ color
> combo in TX this week, your right it does look ridoncular.? Very nice...
> -Paul
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>?? IMO, bestest combination for 84-89 Carreras is white/can can red
> with tail (coupe, of course).? I had one for many years until for some
> strange reason I sold it.? BTW, in boning up for the PCA tech quiz, my
> answer for the first year of US cabs is 1983, the last year for the
> 911SC.
>?? Mark near Chicago
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