[s-cars] Subject: [Fwd: 95.5 Avant in Fort Fun, CO

john cléirigh john at johncleirigh.com
Wed Apr 23 11:50:11 PDT 2008

I saw you last Saturday about 10:30 I'm guessing!  28th and Arap?  Look
for the only tornado red S6 with a Ham antenna on the left rear decklid
and lic. plate K0BCO and frame that reads Boulder County KJK681.  I
moonlight for the S.O. but don't ask, I can't fix speeding tix.  Dang it.

If I knew you were in Boulder I'd have come to help you reassemble your
front end.  I could use the education.
john cléirigh | Boulder

On Wed, April 23, 2008 6:38 pm, Tom Winter wrote:
>> $12,500! Wow! Does that mean that my avant with MTM stage one, RS exhaust
>> manifold, rebuilt head (and all that goes with it, like a new timing belt,
>> etc), Stebro exhaust and many other new parts is worth that much?!!!! I
>> only
>> have an additional 1k on the clock, too. . . .
>> If only!!!! I think I'd be lucky to get $8,000 fer the ol' jalopy.
>> Tom '95 S6 Avant
>> (black, with silver rocket box) now in Boulder, on the lookout for John
>> Cleirigh so I can give him the wave :-)

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