[s-cars] Anyone seen this RS6 for $18,000?

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Subject: [s-cars] Anyone seen this RS6 for $18,000?

> It's a 2003 RS6 with 20k miles. Look here:
> *http://tinyurl.com/5fu75z  My gut says this is some kind of scam!
> Any thoughts?
> Check out what he writes back to me...
> "* the car is still available for sale. It has only 20.000 miles. I'm
> located in Edmonton, Canada and the car is here with me. If you are
> interested to purchase it, I have done some researching and the best way
> close the deal is through eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection Program. The
> transaction fits the Vehicle Protection plan and will be covered by eBay.
> Vehicle Purchase Protection reimburses buyers who are involved in a
> transaction through their program. The program provides reimbursement for
> all the situations that can appear in a transaction. The money will be
> to an eBay trust account managed by an eBay representative. After the
> payment is confirmed and secured by eBay I will start the shipping. The
> will be in front at your door in max 3 days. From the moment you receive
> car you have a 15 days inspection period. After the 15 days you have to
> decide if you want to keep the car or not. If you'll keep the car the
> payment will be released to me. In case you will not like the car and
> not to keep it you will have to ship the car back and you will be fully
> refunded. If you agree I will need your full name and complete shipping
> address, your phone# and your eBay user ID."
> Ha! a sucker born every day! Watch out - If it looks too good - it smells
> like a duck.
> Doug
> *94 S4, looking for Eibach or '92 springs
> *
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