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Fri Aug 1 06:27:14 PDT 2008


Well, I'm off to the beach for 2 weeks tomorrow, no email / internet until 8/18...  so I figured I'd inundate you with my last update before I depart.  We're tminus THREE WEEKS until //SFest, and things are shaping up quite impressively.

Our ever desirable booty bags are being stuffed with yet again creative bounty, raffle donations are streaming in steadily with a really fantastic array of goods, the grass is grown in and mowed, and we're locked on and tracking.

Please RSVP to the evite and Pay Pal Steve Young as soon as you can - as you are aware this enables us to make //SFest better for YOU.  Remember, first 50 PAID REGISTRANTS receive the booty bag this year, and you need to arrive before the raffle to claim it before it gets included in the schwag.  And this year you can pre-purchase your raffle tickets and receive bonus tickets as result to enhance your odds.

If you haven't attended //SFest before, it'd be great to make some new friends and expand our ever growing community - and further tighten the friendships created online, etc.  If you have attended //SFest before...  as we always say...  Those Who Have Fested - Know.

We're really excited as always and have a few new tricks up our sleeves - we definitely hope we'll see all of you once again 8/23.  Please email me with questions paul at sfest.com, and be sure to check www.sfest.com for raffle updates, etc.

***Email Steve Young RS2spec at sfest.com or Jeff Postupack posto at sfest.com for info in my absence 8/2-8/17***.

-Paul & the //SFest //Staff

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