[s-cars] Chipped ECU swap

Tony Curran tony.curran at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 1 17:25:06 PDT 2008

Hi Aaron,

I have this configuration and have not only a few extra ponies, but have
improved mileage and smog test results.

You'll have to cut the carpet if it's not already done to get at the ECU -
Bob has sent instruction tho I left the speed limiter alone!

96 S6

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I'm thinking about trading my stock ECU for another one that has an MRC
stage 2 chip and 3 bar VMAP. Is there any reason I should worry about
trading my functioning stock ECU with that of the chipped one? My car is a
95 S6. I don't know of any changes to the ECU over the years from the
earlier S4 and right now I don't know what year the chipped ECU is from. Is
the ECU swap a fairly simple task? Any complications invovled with it? Any
BTDT is appreciated. Thanks, Aaron Ryba

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